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Daily Scripture Reading: May 12, 2015

Conquering Loneliness

Read | Psalms 25:15-22

I know the pain of loneliness. I was the only child of a single mother
who had to work long hours to support us. My adult life has been marked by periods of emotional isolation as well. However, the Lord has never abandoned me to these feelings.

God desires that all people feel connected to Him and to each other. And in fact, we can be quickly comforted when we respond wisely to loneliness.

The first step is to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But simply believing He exists isn’t enough. The Lord created mankind for fellowship, which is why a relationship with Him gives people a sense of oneness. The love of Christ forces loneliness out of the lives of God’s children.

Second, we must admit that we’re lonely. Some Christians incorrectly think they shouldn’t be susceptible to normal human feelings. But nothing in the Bible says we won’t endure emotional isolation. Not only men like David and Paul but even the Lord Himself knew the ache of feeling deserted (Psalms 25:16; 2 Timothy 4:16; Matthew 26:40; Matthew 27:46).

Finally, we should develop godly friends. These are the Christian brothers and sisters who will laugh, cry, and empathize with us. Above all, believers need friends who will continually point them to God and pray over them.

We can’t deny feelings of loneliness, nor can we run from them. A person who seeks ways to escape such feelings only broadens the gap between the Lord and himself. There is just one way to close the chasm and conquer loneliness—by drawing near to the Lord.

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The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations

Greetings!  Last week we embarked upon a brand new sermon series entitled “The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations.”  I am expecting a supernatural experience to change us individually. We will behold the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Indeed, the Holy Spirit will challenge our beliefs and ways of thinking, provide understanding and knowledge about worship, encourage faith maturation, promote radical missions, and produce abundant giving.

Together, we will witness transformations within our congregation. We will bear witness collectively as a congregation, intimately within small groups and classes, harmoniously within work teams and leadership. This will allow the exaltation of Jesus Christ in every facet of our lives!

This shift will equip us to bring forth a thriving ministry that promotes long-term, strategic, and relevant initiatives. This will require the dedication, determination, and diversification that encompass the totality of our congregation.

I beseech each of you to stand with me in unity to embrace the winds of change and set afire a revival as the mighty children of God.

Humbly Yours in Christ, Pastor Jay

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Bible Study – Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rev. Jay Young will conduct Bible Study via conference call tonight!   Bible Study will begin at 6:35 (following Prayer Meeting) . The Dial-in Number is (712) 775-7031 and the Meeting ID is 400-746-199.


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3 Tips for Teaching the Bible to Middle School Students


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2015 Annual Lay Day Activities

Annual Lay Day

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2015 Homecoming Service

2015 Homecoming

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Stewardess Program